Project Description

Ally Cats is a Bradford based cat rescue center. The team is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to helping as many of their community’s feline friends as possible; giving them a new home and a new lease on life, and giving their new owners a special new family member. 

They came to us needing a website that would showcase the important work they’re doing, but most importantly, give an online platform to feature the cats that need adopting. Ally Cats is also a completely self funded operation, relying on outside donations to keep the lights on and keep the cats taken care of. Their website needed easy to access, prominently positioned donation links to encourage users to give. As for the website’s visual storytelling, we knew that Ally Cats is all about animal love. They needed a website that felt as warm and approachable as they were. 

The website we created features clean and bright colors to compliment the friendly animated drawings that attract the eye and give a good sense of the lighthearted character of the organisation. The website displays a comprehensive overview of the adoption process, and answers many questions that a user might have about the fees and steps involved. By facilitating intuitive user exploration by virtue of clear, easy to understand website architecture, the user is more likely to be informed on the process, making everything go more smoothly for the folks at Ally Cat.

They were incredibly excited to have such a useful and beautiful website to aid in their mission to support cats in need of help. For a small organisation made up of passionate individuals, a website means a lot for the development of their cause!

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