Project Description

Belter is a maker of high-quality artisan leather belts, based in Halifax. Bob, the founder, has been specialising in the construction of leather pieces like the ones he now sells at Belter, for his whole life. The passion he has for his craft is tangible in every piece he creates. The rich history of traditional British fashion, paired with the expertise and interests of Bob himself, come together to make something truly unique. This had to be clearly illustrated throughout his new website. 

High-quality imagery was essential to include in this brief. We needed to create a striking visual story while simultaneously communicating the commitment that Bob brings to his work and his impact on the local industry. As a result, the website operates both as an online shop, and as an insight into the man himself. 

It was important to distinguish the work of Belter from fast-fashion retailers, as his exquisite, thoughtfully made products couldn’t be further from those that are mindlessly mass produced. This is made apparent through the copy and visual aspects. Our work with Bob and the Belter team resulted in a brand-focused e-commerce store that succinctly conveys who they are while also being easy to navigate, (including an inbuilt payment portal). It was a delight to work with Bob, and as a local Halifax based company, we wish him every success!

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