Project Description

Cashfax is a weekly lottery run by Halifax Rugby League Football Club, which raises money for both the club itself, and acts as a fundraiser for important local causes. The lottery is a great way for their target audience, mostly made up of fans of the club, to get a chance to win some money while simultaneously supporting the club and benefiting great community organisations and charities. When it came to this website, the name of the game was to encourage sign ups and provide information on what Cashfax was all about. It also needed to be intuitive as a platform, and to reflect the iconic visual style of the Halifax RLFC that fans love.

What we created in collaboration with the team is a website that ticks all the boxes. Prize information is prominently displayed, to catch the users eye and inspire them to learn more about the details of how to get involved with playing. Lottery results are easy to access, shown week by week, so users can find them with no problem. The integrated payment portal is similarly simple to navigate, meaning the entire experience of playing, from the first sign up to the end results, is an effortless process. Cashfax was incredibly pleased with what we created together!

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