Project Description

Coif’ Tous is a hair salon in Strasbourg France which is well known and celebrated in the community. We here at Digital Renovators understood that with an international project such as this, which we are well versed in doing, we would have to meet the brief across language barriers. 

CoifTous needed a website that would showcase their work on hair of all different textures and colors, to demonstrate the breadth of services they offer. We needed to incorporate a strong visual brand presence, placing their logo of a red and white woman at the center, and working out an appropriate color scheme from there. The website needed to be recognisably thiers; an extension of the storefront where so many regular clients passed through every day. Their digital presence needed to be professional, to attract new customers and retain old ones, and intuitive to use.

What we provided was a website that they could be proud of. We integrated photographs of the salon experience, with information about their brand, and easy-to-use forms for enquiry and appointment booking. We aimed to make the website atmosphere as soothing and welcoming as Coif’ Tous itself, cementing the brand story into the memories of users. 

The team at Coif’ Tous loved their new website and how it was able to unify their digital presence with their physical location. We greatly enjoyed working with such a unique international client! Merci!