Project Description

Creative Recovery is a Barnsley based charity, whose aim is to utilise creativity to positively impact communities across Yorkshire. Creativity is the chief tool in everything that they do, and it certainly needed to be a part of their website design. The charity is devoted to bolstering social change, supporting recovery in families and individuals, and overall providing support to populations that need some extra care, all through the lens of artistic exploration. The culture of Creative Recovery is one of inclusiveness and collaboration with all who they work with, and they wanted their online presence to mirror that.

They came to us with a vision for their new website that emphasised their attitude towards helping people, which is to lead with kindness, understanding, and most importantly, an artistic flair. As a charity that aims to help people in need, they wanted their website to be approachable, and yet informative, with a design that nudged users to the “donate” button. The strongly held convictions that lie at the core of their organisation also needed to be just as visually important as anything else. 

We filled the homepage with beautiful photography of past events, and included a unique transitional cursor effect; giving the illusion of a cube turning over to choose clickable categories. The rest of the website followed suit visually, achieving an overall sense of brand storytelling by creating a distinctive creative fingerprint that complimented practical descriptions of activities and events.    

The Creative Recovery charity and the concept of “boring” are like oil and water. They do not mix! We understood that to have a website that accurately showcased the incredible and important work the organisation is doing in the community, it would require some out of the box designing from us.

In collaborating with the team, we created something that Creative Recovery was very proud of!

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