Project Description

Drums Away is a company that provides pickup services for empty steel and plastic drums, as well as waste oil, within various industrial industries. Their mission is to help ease the burden of these kinds of collections for large commercial companies and beyond, to ensure that barrels are being reused and not abandoned as rubbish. These barrels have so many uses, even outside of the industries in which they are typically used. They can be repurposed as retro chairs or tables, or even shelving units. The team at Drums Away are out of the box thinkers, who want to contribute to sustainable business practices.

They came to us needing a website that could target their core audience, showcasing all of the unique work that they do. The aim was to make it a simple, stylish interface for users to make enquiries online and learn more about their business. They needed something no nonsense to streamline the enquiry process, and they also needed a place to display examples of how the barrels had been remodeled for other uses.

We provided a website that met all their needs and more, and they were incredibly pleased on how it turned out. The website has been an invaluable part of their operation ever since!

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