Project Description

Halifax SOS are a charity started by marketing agency Snowflake Media, (also based in Halifax,) which is dedicated to supporting sports in their community through the trials and tribulations of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s no secret that sports lovers and sports organisations have been in turmoil during this time, over worries associated with the lockdown and social distancing measures put in place in response to the spread of COVID19. 

Sporting events bring people together physically, which is unfortunately unsafe at the moment. However, Snowflake Media group believed that sports aren’t just about congregating in person, but about creating a community. That community, in turn, has the power to positively impact the local sports community they love so much. They wanted to take control of these worries and turn them into something good. 

With such an important message and the enthusiasm of the fans behind them, we knew they needed an excellent website that could support them in their fundraising efforts, and we created just that. The website is functional and stylish, with videos seamlessly embedded for ease of viewing. The website architecture makes donating intuitive, which is vital for them to reach their goals.

Halifax SOS was excited to have such a wonderful website at their disposal for the future development of their mission. In their first event alone they were able to raise £12,000, which went to supporting Junior sports clubs and Halifax Rugby league FC. We were all too happy to help them accomplish this!

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