Project Description

Jamocha is a coffee lounge with two locations in the Halifax area. They are an independent business run by a husband and wife, who are dedicated to providing an artisan cafe experience to their loyal customer base and beyond. They needed a website that reflected their brand and style; infusing the art deco, tropical funk aesthetic that their physical locations exude into their presence in the digital space. 

Jamocha, through its distinct visual brand story and high-quality service, stands out in the coffee shop market. They knew that their website needed to function as a tool for establishing individuality. It needed to increase brand awareness in the minds of their target audience. 

Coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of people across the UK, many in the Halifax community among them, so we knew it was vital to highlight exactly why Jamoca was the superior coffee experience. Of course, Jamocha’s steadfast understanding of their mission and brand was vital during the collaboration process.

Coffee shop website design is most effective when it has a few essential components at the forefront. The first of these is brand identity, which is really another way of saying cohesive, purposeful personality behind your business. We knew they made great coffee, but what we wanted to focus on was developing a site that accurately reflected their character, not only stylistically, but on a deeper conceptual level. We identified what they wanted their target audience to feel while browsing their website. Branding is as much about the mission behind each sale as it is the product itself, sometimes even more so. 

Secondly, we wanted to focus on utility. There is nothing more frustrating than browsing a website that is difficult to navigate. We understand that the user experience is the paramount priority. A messily designed website understandably reflects poorly on a business. Users will tend to avoid spending extra time on the site, overlooking key materials that an owner might want people to read. This means less time spent engaging with the brand and less positive feelings associated with the business. It is difficult to market yourself on your website if users can’t figure it out. Easy navigation ensures that practical information about store locations and hours that many customers are trying to find on the site is prominently displayed, which leads to more business at the physical locations. 

The third important component is visual interest. While it’s important to never judge a book by it’s cover, when it comes to websites, the cover only enhances the brilliant product within that much more. We wanted to compliment the business and it’s branding with visuals, rather than distract. The Jamocha website is accented by a sleek navy blue color story and photographs of the day to day cafe atmosphere. It aims to feel as close as possible to the experience of walking into one of their shops.

Keeping all of these concepts in mind, what we were able to create together was a beautiful website perfectly suited to the needs of Jamocha. The team was delighted to have a new online presence that captured what they were all about so beautifully.  

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