Project Description

Memory lane is a Calderdale based charity made up of a small community group of volunteers. They have established cafes in the area that are catered towards dementia patients and their families, providing those who may otherwise struggle in a regular cafe environment with safe community spaces for socialising. The cafes run an assortment of activities throughout the month, and even offer trips to outside events for their target audience. Memory Lane have identified that social isolation is a big issue affecting the population they work with, so they aim to eradicate loneliness within the group by enriching their lives with entertainment and friendship. 

They came to us with a vision for a website that could help them meet their goals as a charity, both in a financial sense, and through increased brand recognition. They want as many people as possible to benefit from the work they are doing, and because of that, we knew we needed to produce a high quality website to meet their needs.  

What we created for Memory Lane is a website design with a kind face. Right from the start, on the homepage, users get a feel for the welcoming atmosphere the cafes are so known for. A picture of two smiling individuals greets you as you enter the site. We knew that communicating this kind of friendly warmth was vital, because it is so ingrained in everything that they do.  

The website feels simple to use, and the information is easily accessible. Their facebook is embedded into the website, encouraging users to click and follow to keep up to date with the wonderful work they are doing in the community. The Memory Lane team were overjoyed with the end result!

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