Project Description

Peak outdoor training is a company that provides outdoor experiences to keen adventurers, regardless of skill level. They have something for everyone, whether someone is looking to try something new, or boost their existing outdoor activity know-how. The myriad of ways a person can enrich their life through outdoor activities is at the center of what they do. They aim to get people excited about the natural world around them. To a company so inextricably linked with the love of the outdoors, they needed a website to reflect the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone and relishing in the adventure of nature. 

Because the main aim of their business is to target larger groups of people who want to pursue varying activity options, we created a homepage that conspicuously displayed them. We created them to be seamless to navigate and beautiful to look at. Photography of the environment was a top priority. We wanted to create a page that immersed the customer into green expanses and rocky climbing faces, all while prominently displaying pictures of former customers who loved their experience. We understood that testimonials were key to include on the site. While customers are certainly seeking out the practical details of the excursions, they also want to know what the experience is actually like. The best way to do this is to include varied accounts from different perspectives, so users can imagine themselves enjoying the experience too. 

This, paired with the imagery, was exactly the kind of visually enticing final product that Peak Outdoor training was looking for. They were over the moon at the end of the process; excited to move forward in their business with their fresh new website. 

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