Project Description

Retraining pain is a collaboration between a group of clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, who all work together to provide services to those who struggle with chronic pain. Each member of the team is highly trained in their respective field. Their partnership provides clients the opportunity to build a multifaceted treatment plan for managing and correcting pain, that’s right for them.

The organisation has impressive outcomes with the people it has worked with, and they needed a fresh new face to go along with their top notch work and reputation. Retraining pain knew that their online presence needed to be approachable and responsive, with a calming visual theme throughout. During the design process, we kept in mind the fact that persistent pain can be a disruptive force in people’s lives, and that the atmosphere of the website should be one of calm during the storm. 

In the final product, stunning photographs of landscapes are displayed throughout, in order to construct a serene user experience. The descriptions on the website exist in the design seamlessly. They are informative without feeling exclusive or anxiety-inducing. Those who might shy away from harsh medical language could easily read the website and feel excited to embark on a new treatment plan, rather than worry about what it might entail. 

The website we created for Retraining Pain met all their objectives, and they were excited to show it off to the world!

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