Project Description

Sapore is a Halifax based restaurant specialising in authentic Italian cuisine. The owners, Antonio and Lino, have an immense passion for customer service and Italian food. They sought to open up an establishment that would have a strong local presence, and a loyal customer base that felt like family. This kind of steadfast bond with restaurant guests mirrors the food culture of Italy. La famiglia, or the family, is an essential component of Italian life, and the dinner table is one of the main meeting points for the community. The two business partners understood the fact that community and food are inextricably linked in Italian tradition, and wanted to create a restaurant which reflected that.

Considering this, they came to us needing a website that told their brand story; one of authentic, fresh food at an affordable price, that guests keep coming back for. The heart and soul of their brand is the food, so it needed to be showcased accordingly. The aim was to create a website that entices eyes with stunning food photography and professional looking design. Just like the whiff of herbs and dough eminanting from a pizza oven upon stepping into Sapore in person, the online experience needed to be similarly visceral. When a user is searching online for a place to enjoy delicious food, achieving a visual layout that gets the stomach growling is invaluable. 

We also had to consider the target customer we were communicating with. Restaurant website design is most effective when it keeps the strengths of a business at the helm. We needed to think about community feedback. What do people enjoy most about Sapore? What are the most popular dishes? What makes Sapore a dining experience special? What is the mission of the brand? The answers to these questions, regarding the target audience and their perception of the business, were the DNA from which we built the structure. This made for a website that was tailored exactly to the customer base Sapore was looking to reach out to. 

The website we created is centered around high quality color photographs of the wonderful food Sapore has on offer. The online menus are aesthetically pleasing and consistent. Throughout the website, prospective guests get a sense for the establishment and what it’s all about. We understood that in many cases a website is a first impression, and that means that a strong visual impact is incredibly important to achieve. 

The marketing goals of Sapore boil down to focusing on the customer experience, so user experience needed to be similarly catered to. Easy navigation is the name of the game when it comes to restaurant website design. Practical information like restaurant hours and location, as well as contact information and news, can be found effortlessly, making the decision to book a table at Sapore all the more straightforward. There are many options for people when it comes to dining out, so a frictionless user experience makes a big difference. 

Sapore was thrilled with the end result! For them, a high quality website means adding another level of respectability to their brand, which means the world to their business. 

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