Project Description

Studywrite 11 Plus is a tuition course based in Calderdale, committed to providing an excellent, comprehensive preparation curriculum to year 4 and 5 students in the area. Their brand and mission are all about equipping students with a thorough understanding of the subjects they need to know for the 11+ entrance exam, to ensure they are able to meet their academic goals at whatever institution they want to attend. Even more than academic prowess, Studywrite 11+ also aims to increase a students confidence and sense of ambition, which will help them stay self-assured, well rounded individuals for years to come as they journey through education. 

In creating an education website such as this, we knew that we needed to keep parents at the forefront of our decisions, as they were the primary demographic that would be navigating the website. We needed to imagine what a parent would want to know, and how it might be easiest to structure the site for optimal, frictionless user experience. When it comes to their kids, Studywrite knows that parents want the very best quality education for them. A professional website would therefore be essential in communicating their respectability in the field. 

What we created was a website that efficiently displays the information their target user audience is looking for; from testimonials, to locations, to tuition information and more.

Studywrite 11 Plus was incredibly happy with their website! It has continued to help them achieve their mission of giving students the tools they need for future success! 

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