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80% planned, 20% ad-hoc (unexpected tasks) That how we keep Danny, our Project Manager, in a zen-like state!

With this in mind and due to huge growth in clients, we have created this rather dashing form for our amazing existing clients to use when you need something doing.

I know, I know. It’s not as convenient as just picking up the phone, but it really will help us complete your requests faster and more efficiently this time and every time.

Thank you so much for “playing ball”. Depending on the severity of the challenge, this will determine just how fast we reply. However one touch will do it, no need to check if we have it or to send a text or email. When you press submit below, you’ll get an email confirming we are on the case!

Support Request Form

They say never work with Animals, Children and Website Servers… OK we made that last one up! Before submitting a request ticket, can you just check in 60 seconds on a fresh browser or phone? Done that and it’s still not working? Super just let us know below how you are trying to visit your site (ie. Phone, Chrome browser, Safari on the mac, etc). Did that 60 second trick work? Good, step away from the support form and we’ll keep focussed!

Dang, we DO NOT like the sound of that. Please let us know below which email addresses are affected and also how you access them. Webmail, Microsoft Outlook, on your phone etc.

Super: Please give as much detail as you can below and one of the team will follow up with you to make it happen and let you know if there is any cost associated.

OK. Our crack team are on hand to get to the bottom of it! Tell us what you know and why you suspect foul play in the box below and our team will be in touch very soon to get you back to normality!

Oops. OK, let’s try this first before we set the support team running. When you try to login to your site, there is a lost or forgotten password link. Click that and enter in your email address or username you normally use. Voila! 99% of the time that sends you a link so you can set your new password within 60 seconds. Tried that and it didn’t work? OK, pop in the username you normally use in the box below and we’ll get you back online!

Woohoo! Look at you, growing and everything! That’s great, just enter the new email addresses you’d like in the box below and our team will get them created and contact you with the relevant password and how to access them.

This is not required! But if you can upload screen grabs of the issue, it will help us debug and respond faster to your query. Only images are supported!
Maximum upload size: 3MB