Many business websites fail because they don’t update the content of their site regularly and then wonder why they aren’t ranking well or getting visitors. Here at Digital Renovators, we like to lead by example, and we want to show you why you should be keeping your blog updated. We came across this infographic and wanted to share it with you and hopefully show you why updating content regularly is good for your business.

We also asked Michel over at on why he thinks updating your website daily is vital, he went on to say “We use our blog to write about a range of subjects which our website visitors will read, share and link to. It is vital to keep your blog fresh in order to increase traffic, sales and calls to your business”.

Web Design Review has created this excellent infographic for why regular content is good for your website.

Here’s a summary of what they discuss:

  • It helps search engines
  • It shows that your website is alive and current
  • It helps you reach new people

Wardle Academy, a School In Rochdale, uses content to showcase to parents what is happening at the School, and also to prospective parents and students on the vast array of activities and high-calibre support on offer at the school.

Check out the infographic below.